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Spaced repetition

Make your investments in training profitable

A simple example: Michael receives a safety training.

Typical situation without Memopulse:

  • - Michael forgets about 80% of the training in 2 months.
  • - Therefore, we could say that 80% of the money invested in the training is lost.

With Memopulse:

  • - Michael maintains constantly a high level of knowledge.
  • - The training is therefore profitable.

Memopulse is based on spaced repetition which makes training actions much more efficient. If you are looking to train and maintain a high level of knowledge in your company, Memopulse is the solution you need. Empower your employees so that they become more loyal and more reliable at the same time. A profitable training investment. Finally.

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Learning experience

A true learning experience

Memopulse provides a great learning experience for your teams. Here are some of the main features your employees will be able to enjoy:

  • Ranking
  • Gamification
  • Card format to improve learning experience
  • Access from tablet/mobile
  • Smart reminders for your teams

Useful analytics for managers

Managers have real-time access to great analytics and feedback on their teams' training progress. For example:

  • Employee skills matrix
  • Weekly report
  • Time spent for training
  • Detailled scores

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